13 10 / 2017

Against All Odds, Bitcoin Prevails Once Again

As most of you may already know, Bitcoin has been causing quite a stir in the past few months both in the cryptocurrency and investment world. Just yesterday, we reached yet ANOTHER all-time high of $5,786 / BTC! What makes this latest price rally so amazing compared to others in the past is the fact that it did so after a substantial dip in price on September 22, 2020, where it reached a low of around $3,553 / BTC. That’s an increase of 61% in less than 1 month! In other words, had one purchased BTC at the dip and sold today, they would have profited an astronomical $2,233 per Bitcoin~ Yes, you are reading correctly – Bitcoin has really outdone itself ONCE AGAIN and from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like it has any intentions of slowing down just yet. 

Due to how resilient BTC prices have been in the past two years despite setbacks from various government laws, false media hype, exchange hacks, etc, many traditional investors have been allocating a substantial portion of their portfolio into cryptocurrency, mainly BTC, LTC, XMR, & Ethereum. We’re sure the investors who bought in early and held onto them despite the fluctuating prices are quite happy today with their decision to do so!

⚂  So Why Is Bitcoin Increasing So Much in Price Lately?

Although there are various factors to this, one of the more popular speculations  for the latest price hike is due to the upcoming fork (yes, another one), which would essentially give Bitcoin holders the same amount of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) as they have in BTC prior to the fork for FREE which is currently slated for October 25, 2020. It seems that many have learned from the last fork in August, which allotted free Bitcoin Cash to all BTC holders prior to the fork. You can speculate all you want on what the price will be for Bitcoin Gold, but Free is Free! If Bitcoin Cash is any indication of what we should expect in terms of price initially for Bitcoin Gold, we could be looking at anywhere between 0.1-0.3BTC / BTG! Again, this is purely speculation based on previous events and nobody will actually know what the price will be until markets and businesses start adopting the coin for trade/use. There are some important things you will need to know PRIOR to the October 25th fork should you plan on redeeming your free BTG – We’ll have a more detailed post about this and how you can make sure you’re prepared for the latest fork once information is a bit more solid (most likely in the next few days). In terms of whether SD will be offering BTG to clients who have BTC in their account before October 25th is still to be determined, however we will be making an official post about our decision a bit closer to the fork date. So stay tuned here at the SafeDice blog for further updates regarding the Oct 25 fork/Bitcoin Gold! We hope you’re as excited as we are – Bitcoin To The Moon!

⚂  Be Wary of Passive Scam Dice/Gambling Sites

Lastly, it comes without saying that now is a better time than ever to wager your BTC here at SafeDice due to how much Bitcoin is currently worth. With BTC at an all-time high, smaller wins are now becoming bigger wins and bigger wins are becoming monumental wins. Regardless of Bitcoins price, we stand behind providing our players with a consistent and FAIR gaming environment that most have gotten to know SafeDice for since we opened back in 2014. We still have the most competitive house edge of only 0.5% for BTC/XMR, and the max win amount for Bitcoin is currently at 66.8017 BTC! With Bitcoin prices increasing so much lately, be wary of where you stake your hard earned BTC as “passive scamming” has become increasingly popular amongst even some of the most popular dice/gambling sites. Unfortunately, there will always be greedy companies/individuals who will try to take advantage of players by altering the playing field in their favor one way or another especially when prices are on the up and up. Here at SafeDice, we strive to provide fair gameplay regardless of price fluctuations, or any other variables for that matter. Rest assured when you stake your coins with us, you never have to worry about altered playing fields or “fixed” algorithms being set to make you lose your coins. SafeDice is not just another business to us, its our passion and we always keep the long-term picture in mind rather than trying to make a quick short-term profit like some other sites out. The proof is in the pudding, just check out our stats since the early years on dicesites.com and you’ll see that we’ve grown quite a bit since then! Good luck to all of our players (and investors), and we look forward to providing the community with an even better gaming experience as time goes on!

UPDATE 10/21/17: One week after this post, Bitcoin has been currently soaring over $6,000 for the past few days! How far will it reach? Some are saying $7,000 by December, we shall see in the coming months =)

– thesourc3 (SD Mod)