13 9 / 2017

We are proud to announce that SafeDice is the first dice gambling casino to offer Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) as an alternate cryptocurrency to Bitcoin! Have some free BCH lying around from the split and don’t know what to do with them? Deposit now for your chance to win big – Current Max Bet for Bitcoin Cash is already at a whopping 127.6057 BCH and growing! For you conversion nerds out there, that’s the approximate equivalent of 17 BTC or $68,000 USD!

Being that SafeDice is a pioneer in the Bitcoin Cash gambling sector, there are inherent and unknown risks as well as additional costs for the house (us) due to how new the currency is. Because of this fact, Bitcoin Cash house edge has been set separately from BTC and XMR at a low 0.9% house edge, which is still less than the majority of BTC-based dice sites averaging anywhere between 1-3% edge!

We also offer an Investment Option for Bitcoin Cash just as we’ve offered with Bitcoin and Monero since 2014. We make it simple for you to try your chances at “Being the Bank”. Once you’ve deposited your BCH, click on the Invest tab and select how much Bitcoin Cash you want to invest. Select from three risk levels: a conservative 0.5x, standard 1x and an aggressive 2x risk level – Customize your risk level to compound profits slow and steady or quick and aggressively for more potential gains! We utilize the Kelly criterion to define and calculate the percentage of investment you risk on each player’s bet. Some of the most well known and successful investors such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gross have been cited with using the Kelly strategy for their own investments. To learn more about the Kelly criterion/system, check out this Wikipedia article or browse the SafeDice FAQ.

Lastly, be sure to stay tuned here on the SafeDice blog as well as on the site chat for the latest updates and promo offers! We have plans in the works for free giveaways, contests, as well as random tips being given out for being a part of the SD community. You never know when you might receive a tip for just interacting on chat!