08 1 / 2016

For people from all around the world, online gambling represents a pleasant and relaxing experience, with a ton of benefits apart from winning a good amount of money.

SafeDice represents a popular online betting site, which is famous for offering users a wide variety of benefits, outweighing the ones offered by competitors. To put things better into perspective, SafeDice is a dice gambling site, where customers basically bet that their dice outcome will be below or above a certain threshold. In case the bet rings as true, then users will be credited the funds.

In terms of the actual benefits, SafeDice offers low, 0.5% variable house edge, which is considerably lower when compared to that of other dice sites. Some of the other features include monero coin support, a generous referral program, an auto betting feature, instant withdrawals, two-factor authentication, secure SSL-based access to the site, real time off-chain betting, anonymous and instant registration alongside with a fast, one confirmation deposit. Together with this, SafeDice also comes along with a true, provably fair service, which is based on a crypto-seed.

In order to play, new users would have to access the site, set an alias and start by depositing a certain amount of bitcoin to your personal address. Once this has been done, you will be able to immediately start playing by introducing a win amount, modifying the pay-out and win chance, and then clicking the roll button.

Together with this, SafeDice also offers a feature that users have been asking for a long time- the possibility to invest into the site. With this in mind, you will be able to invest a certain part of your balance to the bankroll, to which other players will bet against. Once this happens, your actual profit will be calculated based on your stake in the bankroll. It’s worth pointing out that while in the short-run, users might notice losses, in the long run, a sustainable profit can be made due to the profit obtained by the site from the house edge.

With everything that has been outlined so far in mind, SafeDice has managed to gain a good number of players, alongside with a great popularity. If you’re interested in finding out more about the technical aspects of the site, you are free to check out the SafeDice FAQ page. Other than that, we would like to wish you Happy Gambling!